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Dear Customer,

If you received a letter or email saying that Challenge Financial Services will now be servicing your loan, you should no longer be making payments to DRIVEiT Auto Group.

If you have received no such letter or email, disregard this message and continue making your payments with DRIVEiT Auto Group HERE.

In the case that this message applies to you, please visit to learn more about how you will proceed in paying off your auto loan. We encourage you to work with Challege in making this a smooth transition for all parties involved.

It has been a pleasure working with you, and we are confident that Challenge will do an impeccable job at servicing your loan. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have regarding this change. If you would like to reach Challenge to discuss your account, you can reach them at (714) 221-6687. Thank you for your loyal business and your assistance in this matter.

NOTE: If Challenge is now servicing your account, be sure to cancel any automatic payments you have in place with DRIVEiT Auto Group.

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Challenge Financial Services

Tel: (714) 221-6687
Fax: (714) 541-3800